It’s never easy to be the successor of something that brought great value to many types of businesses. But the PA690 has what it takes. It will perform every task it’s been asked for….only better!

Screen size does matter!
This mobile computer has what it takes to make the difference in your applications. Complete in every important aspect a modern PDA should bring to businesses, unique in features that bring just that little bit of extra. Unlike the industry’s standard touch screens of today, PA690 offers a large 3.8 Wide VGA outdoor LCD for the future of tomorrow. This brings massive user benefits in basically any application. Order taking has never been so easy and straightforward. Multi-tasking is not only designated to human beings. PA690 can show the mobile worker both the latest customer data as well as route directions to the point of service, in one single screen view.

Everything a mobile worker needs
Mobile workers need tools to facilitate their daily job. Mobility solutions should reduce the administrative burden, show the shortest route to the customer and be easy to work with. The PA690 covers all of these demands. Whether you want to track and trace your containers in the field or collect reliable meter data. The PA690 encompasses all modern technologies that bring the efficiency you are looking for. With its 802.11 a/b/g Wifi radio and 3.5G modem the PA690 makes sure the mobile worker can perform both inside and outside the four walls. Extra flexibility can be added by connecting third party hardware such as mobile printers by utilizing the Bluetooth connection. Proof of service or condition has never been taken so clearly because the PA690 has a 5.0 mega pixels camera with autofocus and flash light. Route directions to any ad hoc service requests are handled efficiently by the U-blox 6 GPS with Kickstart and SuperSense technologies.

Earn back your investment… fast!
Merging mobility solutions into your business processes is not only about the initial investment. Choosing the PA690 is a guarantee that the chance on unexpected costs is reduced to a minimum. With its IP65 rating and drop test to concrete of 1.5 meter, the rugged PA690 offers the durability that you expect from an industrial grade PDA. A very rich set of accessories, including a gun grip and car kit solution, adds up to the total amount of efficiency the PA690 brings to you business.

Main features

• Industrial grade PDA
• 3.8 Wide VGA outdoor LCD
• 5.0 mega pixels camera with autofocus and flash
• 1D laser scanner reads all common barcodes, 2D imager or RFID reader
• All latest wireless technologies such as GPS, Wifi and WWAN
• 2.200mAH battery and an optional 4.000mAH battery
• 1.5m drop test to concrete, IP65
• Rich set of accessories such as 4-slot Ethernet cradle, gun grip, car kit and head set