Trusted Mobility

The PA968II is a fully integrated and multifunctional platform offering a high level of mobility and versatility with its ultra robust Aluminium- Magnesium Alloys housing yet ergonomically design. It is the ideal device for a wide range of applications in Transportation, Warehouses or Field Service. The PA968II offers precise and accurate readings at every location throughout the world.
Harsh Environmental Conditions
Unitech’s PA968II is not only designed for versatility but also for durability with an IP65 rating and drop tested on concrete at 1.5m. The strong water and dirt resistant design allows working in the most rugged environments, minimizing down time and repair costs. It’s rugged industrial design is great in unpredictable weather conditions.
The Powerful and Seamlessly Integrated Wireless Platform The PA968II utilizes state of the art technology in its seamless connectivity, built in GPS with InstantFixTM supported, and an advanced 3.5G (including HSDPA) wireless communications system in a single device. These networking capabilities allow mobile workers to receive route directions to service locations and send collected customer data in real-time to back office operations. Cost savings are realized by optimized routes and a quicker invoicing process to customers.
High-end Security to Avoid Losing Confidential Data
It is also important for data collection industries to keep all their information safe. Therefore, the PA968II is equipped with a large memory to easily accommodate massive information in the terminal without any additional accessories required.
The Unique Benefit of Cutting Edge Design

Time, efficiency and accuracy are of utmost importance in today’s ever-expanding market place. It benefits any mobility enterprise greatly to utilize state of the art global communications technology. The PA968II offers just that with its optional intelligent Modularized Keypads in order to meet customers’ various needs for different applications. The swappable keypad option enables users to minimize downtime and is convenient and cost-effective for any special keypad requests

Main features

  • • Lightweight Aluminum-Magnesium Alloys Design front housing
  • • High Sunlight Readable 3.5 inch VGA High Res. Touch Screen
  • • Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional/Classic
  • • Built in GPS system with InstantFixTM supported
  • • Supports 3.5 G wireless capabilities, 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth,
  • • Supports linear laser scanner and optional 2D imager
  • • Reads most common barcode symbologies
  • • IP65 rating drop tested at 1.5m (5 feet) on concrete floor
  • • Large battery capacity of 13.69 W to ensure long hours operating time
  • • Optional Gungrip models